Monday, August 11, 2014

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At one time, mothers had an advantage in child custody decisions and fathers only rarely prevailed. This is no longer the case. And in addition to the fact that both parents now stand on an equal footing in these issues, courts in Florida and across the nation have begun to recognize the custody and visitation rights of other family members, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and paternal fathers. In general, courts will make custody decisions based on the “Best Interest of the Child” standards. Factors that are considered before reaching these decisions include which parent is most likely to allow open and frequent access to the children by the non-custodial parent and other important family members; which parent is the better nurturer; the children's relationships with the respective parents; each parent's work hours; and the relative stability that each household could provide.

At The Law Office of Loomis & Loomis, P.A. we represent clients on all sides of these issues. Our firm provides high quality legal services and litigation in all Child Custody matters. We understand the sensitive, emotionally charged nature of these issues and we work to help you through this process by being accessible and responsive to your needs and by actively communicating and keeping you informed as the case progresses. Our legal approach is aggressive and designed to protect both your rights and the future that you will share with your children. To discuss a child custody-related concern that you have and to learn more about our practice, contact The Law Office of Loomis & Loomis, P.A. on Boca Raton FL TODAY.  For a free consultation, call (561) 393-1433.
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